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These are MANY of the lots that will be in our September 15 & 16, 2018 auction.
From the collection of Joe & Betty Koelliker and other consigners.

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Absentee bidding starts September 1st, ending Midnight September 13th EST.

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#1. Book: Button Parade by DF Brown

#2. Book: Kate McKinnon jewelry project/instruction book

#3. Book: Pictorial Overall Buttons (NBS)

#6. Book: The Button String

#10. Original card of 5 celluloid banana buttons

#11. One 1-piece 30's celluloid button: sailing ship

#12. Card of 17 mostly celluloid wafer buttons

#13. Card of 8 celluloid tight top buttons

#14. Card of 31 mostly celluloid buttons

#15. Card of 12 mostly celluloid buttons

#16. Card of 25 celluloid tight top buttons

#17. 2 celluloid 1-piece 30's buttons: football players

#18. Card of 20 mostly early (Vic) celluloid buttons

#19. One 1-piece 30's celluloid button: football player

#20. Card of 22 mostly Satsuma buttons

#21. One Liverpool transfer button: helmeted man, blue BG

#23. Box of 6 Satsuma buttons: pagodas

#24. Card of 35 Satsuma buttons: plantlife, (+ butterflies)

#25. One Anna Hranovska ceramic button: fabulous creature

#26. Card of 16 Satsuma buttons: Mount Fuji, structures

#27. Card of 13 Arita porcelain buttons: gods and noh masks

#28. Card of 12 Jasperware buttons

#29. Card of 10 ceramic buttons, mostly porcelain

#30. Box of 7 Gods' heads: Arita porcelain (note 2 chips)

#31. Card of 109 china stencil buttons

#32. Card of 90 china calico buttons

#34. Card of 12 china calico buttons, inc. 3-hole dimi

#35. Card of 46 china stencil buttons

#36. Bag of 50+ china whistle buttons

#40. Card of 52 china stencil buttons

#41. Card of 24 buttons, inc. cold enamel and modern plique

#42. Card of 35 buttons: enamel, cold enamel, etc.

#43. Card of 35 enamel buttons, inc. crane, cloisonné

#44. Card of 20 enamel buttons, inc. pug, butterfly, Motiwala Queen

#45. Card of 70 mostly small enamel buttons, and others

#46. One unusual enamel button

#47. Card of 10 small enamel buttons

#48. small bas taille enamel buttons: blues

#49. Card of 13 Japanese enamel buttons

#50. Card of 11 small enamel buttons

#51. One medium red enamel 4-way design button

#53. Card of 20 mostly fabric buttons

#54. One old velvet fabric button, floral image, pad back

#55. One 18th century passementerie button

#58. Card of 72 black glass buttons inc. pictorials, im. Fabric

#59. Card of 54 black glass buttons most lustered

#60. Card of 25 silver lustered black glass buttons

#62. Card of 30 black glass buttons with gold luster

#65. Card of 55 black glass with luster buttons

#66. Card of 36 black glass buttons