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These are MANY of the lots that will be in our June 2 & 3, 2018 auction.
From the collection of Joe & Betty Koelliker and another midwest collection
plus other consigners.

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Absentee bidding starts May 18th, ending Midnight May 31st EST.

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#1. Book: Fun Buttons by Osborne

#2. Book: Buttons by Fink and Ditzler

#3. Book: Antique and Collectible Buttons by Wisniewski

#4. Book: The Magic Land of Kate Greenaway by Tarbox

#5. Book: The Complete Button Book by Albert and Kent

#6. Book: Buttons by Epstein and Safro

#7. Book: Guidelines for Collecting China Buttons

#8. Book: Price guide to The Big Book of Buttons

#9. Book: Modern West German Glass Buttons

#10. Book: The Colorful World of Buttons by Ertell

#12. Card of 25 layered celluloid buttons

#14. Card of 28 celluloid buttons, mostly ivoroids

#16. Card of 35 celluloid tight top buttons

#17. Card of 25 buffed celluloid buttons

#18. Card of 20 mostly celluloid wafer buttons

#19. Card of 24 celluloid buttons, inc. ivoroids; Victorian

#20. One pierced celluloid devil head button

#22. Card of 4 Norwalk Pottery buttons, 2 pin-shank

#23. Card of 20 ceramic buttons, inc. Satsuma

#24. Card of 20 ceramic buttons

#25. Card of 24 ceramic buttons

#26. Card of 4 ceramic Calkins nursery rhyme buttons

#27. Card of 20 ceramic buttons

#28. One Ruskin ceramic button

#29. Card of 24 blue and white Jasperware buttons, all Kate Greenaway

#30. Mounting cards for china buttons

#31. Card of 30 colored china buttons

#32. Card of 7 medium china buttons inc. 2 calicos

#33. Card of 42 china calico (brown) buttons

#34. Card of 54 china stencil buttons

#35. Card of 70 calico buttons

#36. Card of 109 china buttons, inc. stencils (glued on)

#37. Card of 6 china buttons, 2 large, 2 igloo, gingham & whistle #11

#38. Two china TWISS shell buttons

#39. Card of 35 TWISS buttons, inc. oval, dimi

#40. One china TWISS button: boar's head

#41. Card of 24 enamel buttons

#42. 3 enamel buttons (from set of 12 Shields of the Apostles)

#43. Card of 38 enamel buttons

#44. Card of 20 enamel buttons

#45. Card of 4 enamel buttons

#46. Two Limoges dimensional enamel buttons

#47. Card of 8 small enamel buttons, inc. plique, & figurals

#48. One Liberty enamel button (arts & crafts era)

#49. Two large enamel buttons, woman, man, fancy borders

#50. Box of 7 enamel buttons (blazer set); dragon, "Wessex"

#51. Card of 14 fabric buttons

#52. Card of 4 early Dorset buttons

#53. Card of 11 beaded buttons

#54. Card of 30 fabric buttons